Voted “Best Parade in Los Angeles 2015” #shamone2016 The Los Angeles Culture Festival and Hollywood Carnival is going to have more bands and we’re expecting over 10,000 spectators…SHAMONE!!!

Below is a list of how you can get involved. Please choose the selection that best fits your company’s desires.

wanna be startin’ somethin’ GOLD PLATINUM KING IMMORTAL
$500 $1000 $2500 $8000 $12000
    Promo Video MJ_Star_Icon
    Shoutouts by Host  1  2 3 5  10
    Gift Distribution MJ_Star_Icon  MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon
    Merchandise Vouchers  $50  $100 $200
    Presenting Sponsor Credit MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon  MJ_Star_Icon  MJ_Star_Icon
    Listing on Shamone.org MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon
    Magic Glove MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon  MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon MJ_Star_Icon
    Tickets to LA Cultural Festival  1  2  4  6


Promo Video:  We want to get to know your business up close and introduce your company to our on-line audience by producing a promo video about your company.

Shoutouts by Host:  The Host(s) of our event will be giving shout outs to your company throughout the parade.

Gift Distribution:  We would love to hand out goodies with your name on it to the spectators along the Walk of Fame.

Merchandise Vouchers:  In our store, we have a selection of merchandise that benefits non-profits and you can find some fun

Presenting Sponsor Credit:  On this site and in our promo video for this event we will list you as a presenting sponsor.

Listing on Shamone.org:  We will add a photo and link to your web-site.

Magic Glove:  By giving to our local non-profits, we want to reward you with an official “Shamone” magic, sequenced glove.

Tickets to LA Cultural Festival:  The party won’t stop til you get enough so join us after the parade at the LA Culture Festival with live performances and food from around the world.

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